Me and Rachel

This is how it all started…

I turned 30 years old on the third of June 2014. As a birthday present Petra gave me a gift card to a tattoo shop. I designed a rose-themed tattoo for myself. I walked around the winter Garden in Helsinki with my daughter Roosa, admiring the different types of roses. Then I found a rose type that I wanted to make a tattoo out of. It was “Rosa Leonardo da Vinci”. I looked at pictures of different still-life flower paintings to serve as a reference point for the tattoo artist. I found one painting wich I especially liked.

One night in February 2015 I was bored. I found some acrylic paint at home, a broken frame and a palette knife. I chose the flower painting I found earlier as a model. That night I painted my first flower painting. After that night I found out wich artist was behind the painting that inspired me. The artist’s name was Rachel Ruysch.

In March 2015 I painted my second flower painting based on another painting by Rachel. Then a third… Then a fourth…

I was holding my first art exhibition in October 2015 and I was thinking about a suitable name for it. Because I had painted four paintings based on the art work of Rachel and working on a fifth, I decided to familiarize myself with the actual artist. She was a Dutch still-life painter, who was one of the first internationally well-known feamle painters in art history and she specialized in flower arrangements. During my research, I also found out that we were born on the same day, third of June, wich also became the name of my first exhibition. Born on the 3rd of June PART I.

The age difference between me and Rachel is exactly 320 years. This age difference was also the genesis for the names of the artworks. The names start with Rachel’s birth year 1664 and moves forward painting by painting to 1984, when I was born. My goal is to paint 320 flower paintings and after that...I quit.


Born on the 3rd of June PART IV, Jade Gallery Helsinki, 04.05.-31.05.2018

Born on the 3rd of June PART III, Creat Space Gallery, Helsinki, 27.04.-09.05.2017

Born on the 3rd of June PART II, Taidegalleria Artturi, Rauma, 03.12.-31.12.2016

Flower Paintings at QHAIR, Helsinki, 2016

Born on the 3rd of June PART I, 2 Neliön galleria, Helsinki, 01.10-31.10.2015

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